Welcome to My First Blog Post

Hi everyone, I’m Bun! I’m Japan’s art university illustration degree graduate, who loves drawing in anime style, now a professional artist living in Japan. Thank you for stopping by Caramelizedbun and also my very first blog post~

Drawing something cute has always been my thing, and also the reason why I’m here in the first place. I’ve created cute contents and design cute merch for years now as I’m doing a day job. You may know me as the comic artist and animator behind Bun & Puru’s adorable adventure! Which still has their webcomics on Webtoon ongoing. So, please do check it out if you got the chance~

Throughout my art journey, I got loads of question from many fellow artists on how to draw this, how’s art uni life in Japan, how’s living as an artist in Japan, etc. I realized that information about artist life (especially art school in Japan) is almost non-existent on the internet. On top of that, there just aren’t that much blog dedicated to anime-style illustrations, which is a bummer… Hence, I decided to start this blog, in hope to provide more insight from my experience!

So, expect some art tips, all about Japanese art university, and all about living in Japan as an artist~ My OC, Ako and Bunguette will be your host throughout your stay at Caramelizedbun.

Did I mention I do a lot of anime drawing? Yep! You heard it right. I used to be pretty active on instagram, and I’m planning to be active in the art world once more as a creator (woohoo! Exciting). Do follow my instagram to see more of my illustrations.

This is my first time blogging, so… よろしくお願いします~

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