Hey there! I'm Bun, the artist behind Caramelizedbun.


You might recognize me as the comic artist and animator bringing you Bun & Puru’s adorable adventures. I love to draw illustrations and comic in cute anime-style (do expect a dose of fluffy bunnies and all things cute here!)

Ever since I graduated, I got loads of question from many fellow artists on how to draw this, how’s art uni life in Japan, how’s living as an artist in Japan, etc. I realized that information about artist life (especially art school in Japan) is almost non-existent on the internet. On top of that, there just aren’t that much blog dedicated to anime-style illustrations, which is a bummer… Hence, I decided to start this blog, in hope to provide more insight from my experience!

So, expect some art tips, all about Japanese art university, and all about living in Japan as an artist~ My OC, Ako and Bunguette will be your host throughout your stay at Caramelizedbun.

Our Story

Caramelizedbun began in 2014 as my way of sharing my creative journey through illustrations. 

Back then, little Bun discovered a passion for the creative world and fell in love with drawing. Encouraged by my sister, I started an Instagram to share my art, initially just for fun. However, deep down, I secretly hoped it could become my full-time career as an independent artist.

Fast forward to 2023, where I found myself posting less frequently due to a day job managing social media content. Social media ain’t a fun place anymore once it became my day job, I dreaded opening or posting in social media. Not to mention, my illustrations had a fleeting life-span in the fast-paced social media world.

Despite the challenges, I wanted to give my illustrations another chance to shine and fulfill that dream from 2014. In late 2023, I realized social media wasn’t the only avenue. Hence, I decided to share my illustrations through my own website and blog!

In 2023, I taught myself how to create a proper website and blog.

Finally, in 2024, Caramelizedbun’s website was launched and will be filled with tons of blog about artist’s life in Japan, and of course some cute original and fan illustrations/goods

Here’s to hoping for more exciting adventures in the years ahead!

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